dayz updates

    ACHTUNG dies ist das ALTE Forum!!

    Das neue gibt es unter!
      ich hab dann mal den offiziellen dayz server auf arma 2 oa 101480 geupdatet und auf dayz version


      1. Changelog:
      2. * [NEW] Weapon - Sa58P_EP1. (Military)
      3. * [NEW] Weapon - Sa58V_EP1. (Military)
      4. * [NEW] Weapon - Sa58V_RCO_EP1. (MilitaryS)
      5. * [NEW] Weapon - Sa58V_CCO_EP1. (MilitaryS)
      6. * [NEW] Weapon - G36C. (HeliCrash)
      7. * [NEW] Weapon - G36C_camo. (HeliCrash)
      8. * [NEW] Weapon - G36A_camo. (HeliCrash)
      9. * [NEW] Weapon - G36K_camo. (HeliCrash)
      10. * [NEW] Weapon - M40A3 (MilitaryS)
      11. * [NEW] Vehicle - HMMWV_DZ.
      12. * [NEW] Vehicle - MH6J_DZ.
      13. * [NEW] - Ability to flip ATV's.
      14. * [NEW] - Zeds spawn while in vehicles.
      15. * [NEW] - Zeds now have the ability to damage vehicles. This is limited to glass only once glass is destroyed players within will be damaged.
      16. * [NEW] - Zeds now have the ability to pull you from open vehicles.
      17. * [NEW] - New Load screens added.
      18. * [NEW] - Chopper weapons can now be reloaded.
      19. * [NEW] - UH60Wreck added
      20. * [NEW] - New zed & loot spawn systems rewrote Phase 1.
      21. * [NEW] - Revamped GUI icons to now empty as you lose the relevent item (blood,food,water) Thanks Des
      22. * [NEW] - Infection changes when eating food and drinking water. (tin and canned items don't count)
      23. * [NEW] - Epeen monitor added to display player stats. (Zombies Killed, Headshots, Murders, Bandits Killed, Humanity) - Press Scroll Lock to use
      24. * [NEW] - Toolbox is now needed to build Wire,tanktrap.
      25. * [NEW] - Etool is now needed to build Sandbags.
      26. * [NEW] - 5 New types of food ("FoodmuttonCooked","FoodchickenCooked","FoodBaconCooked","HIDDEN","FooedRabbitCooked").
      27. * [NEW] - 4 New Raw food. ("FoodbaconRaw","FoodchickenRaw","FoodmuttonRaw","foodrabbitRaw")
      28. * [NEW] - Bloodbags can now give an infection.
      29. * [NEW] - Added moving combat roll (KK's Volt).
      30. * [NEW] - Survived Dayz added to Epeen monitor.
      31. * [NEW] - Cutting down trees now attracts zeds.
      32. * [NEW] - After you have eatern a canned product you now get an empty tincan back.
      33. * [NEW] - Added definition of arrays for meatraw / meatcooked
      34. * [NEW] - You can now eat raw meat (low hp add + possible infection), and Cooked meat (high hp add w/o infection)
      35. * [NEW] - RawMeat blood values (beef-100,rabbit-400,bacon-150,chicken-100,mutton-100).
      36. * [NEW] - Cookedmeat blood values (beef-600,rabbit-1600,bacon-400,chicken-400,mutton-400).
      37. * [NEW] - You can now boil water using a fire,TrashTinCan or ItemSodaEmpty and fullwaterbottle
      38. * [NEW] - Water (possible infection), and Boiled Water (w/o infection)
      39. * [UPDATED] - BAF_L85A2_RIS_CWS replaced with BAF_L85A2_RIS_Holo. (HeliCrash)
      40. * [UPDATED] - Added a much faster login process. (Advantages: Login Speed up)
      41. * [UPDATED] - Limted amount of ammo found with weapons.
      42. * [UPDATED] - Gender selection images updated thanks Des.
      43. * [UPDATED] - Updated infection chance during zed attacks from 1/1000 to 1/500.
      44. * [UPDATED] - Changed Loot tables to increase the supply of Antibiotic drops.
      45. * [UPDATED] - Combat Mode is now affected by everything you do and everything done to you
      46. * [UPDATED] - Updated Mi17_DZ and UH1H_DZ to max ammo Max 100 rounds per gun.
      47. * [UPDATED] - UH1 Crash sites no longer all spawn on server start but throughout the game.
      48. * [UPDATED] - Damage processing for zombieattacks with prebuilded weighted arrays. (Advantages: speedup and saves a lot of cpu cycles)
      49. * [UPDATED] - Much faster fn_instring.
      50. * [UPDATED] - Cargo space redo.
      51. * [UPDATED] - CZ_VestPouch_EP1 to be more useful 12 slots 0 weapon slots.
      52. * [UPDATED] - Zeds will talk to other zeds within 80 meter.
      53. * [UPDATED] - Combat Logging is now active during Zombie chase.
      54. * [UPDATED] - Backpacks updated.
      55. * [UPDATED] - Animal Meat reset. 6(cow),4(goat),4(sheep),4(boar),2(Hen),1(Rabbit)
      56. * [UPDATED] - Epeen monitor moved to scroll lock key and work started on moving to diary
      57. * [UDDATED] - Massive cleanup remove all useless files.
      58. * [UPDATED] - Redone all public EH's
      59. * [UPDTAED] - Combat/zombie logout + anti-duping overhall
      60. * [UPDATED] - String tables to include = English, German, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, French
      61. * [UPDATED] - All base class's have been updated to match the dayz removal proc's (weapons)
      62. * [FIXED] - Zeds hearing should now be fixed.
      63. * [FIXED] - Temperature icon color now ranges from iceblue (cold) to red (hot)
      64. * [FIXED] - German Tranlations updated.
      65. * [FIXED] - mi17 gunner seat is now fixed (you no longer stand outside)
      66. * [FIXED] - Bloodbag glitch fixed.
      67. * [FIXED] - UH1Y_DZ animation issues.
      68. * [FIXED] - Infection is now fixed loss of blood 3 per sec (will not drop below 3k blood)
      69. * [FIXED] - Epeen monitor animation should now work correct without the fps drop.
      70. * [FIXED] - DZ_Czech_Vest_Puch backpack class config.
      71. * [FIXED] - Variable spelling mistakes hsould be corrected now.
      72. * [FIXED] - Moved all new foods to stringtable.
      73. * [FIXED] - Fixed infection chance when giving blood.(No longer applys to player giving blood) :-(
      74. * [FIXED] - ALT F4 Sync issue now fixed
      75. * [FIXED] - Pause menu can no longer be assigned to mouse keys to bypass respawn.
      76. * [REMOVED] - BAF_L85A2_RIS_CWS (Based on poll)
      77. * [REMOVED] - Banned m136 as it never really worked and served no real purpose.
      78. * [REMOVED] - In Combat bot removed while we work on speed improvements.
      79. * [REMOVED] - Peripheral Vision. (Peripheral Dots)
      80. * [REMOVED] - MPTable Removed.
      81. Hotfix Changes
      82. * [UPDATED] - STR_ITEMWATERBOTTLEBOILED_CODE_DESC - German (Eine Flasche mit abgekochten Wasser)
      83. * [UPDATED] - STR_ITEMWATERBOTTLEBOILED_CODE_DESC - French (Une bouteille a été remplie d'eau bouillie qui peut être consommée.)
      84. * [UPDATED] - HMMWV Cargo space. (transportMaxWeapons = 4;, transportMaxMagazines = 12;, transportmaxbackpacks = 4;)
      85. * [FIXED] - HMMWV Should now be able to be repaired fully.
      86. * [FIXED] - Gut object should be working without errors.
      87. * [FIXED] - Repair option should now only work on vehicles.
      88. * [FIXED] - AS50 was mistakenly banned now unbanned.

      der typ der das bliss gemacht hat hat aufgehört ... da gibts wohl nix neues mehr

      ich werd aber mal gucken was ich die woche da noch so finde und werd dann wohl n neuen lingor server aufsetzen

      edith : jetzt scheint auch noch der zentrale hive server abgekackt zu sein ... kann sich also nur noch um stunden handeln bis er wieder normal läuft :D

      Krieg ist Frieden. Freiheit ist Sklaverei. Unwissenheit ist Stärke.
      der offizielle server ist jetzt auf 1.7.6

      beim lingor hab ich immer noch keine so richtige lösung ... ich arbeite aber drann ;)

      die steam version funktioniert jetzt bei mir auch ... zumindest wenn man da die eigenschaften aufruft und die 1.7.6 beta unter betas auswählt


      1. * [NEW] - Added a 2 minute delay to new zeds spawning once MaxLocal zeds fall's below the acceptable level.
      2. * [NEW] - Added new sfx for chopping wood.
      3. * [NEW] - Started Update for Cherno intro. (map intro)
      4. * [NEW] - Zed attraction, this will draw zeds to loiter closer to players over time.
      5. * [NEW] - BAF_L85A2_RIS_SUSAT - (Heilcrash - HeliCrash_No50s)
      6. * [NEW] - Crossbow Quiver added - 6 arrow mag size.
      7. * [NEW] - WoodenArrow added 6 arrows can be turned into a quiver.
      8. * [NEW] - WoodenArrow can be picked up after use.
      9. * [NEW] - 20% of breaking WoodenArrow when firing it.
      10. * [NEW] - Crowbar now attaches to toolbelt.
      11. * [NEW] - Added Anti teleport script. Reported to server's RPT log
      12. * [NEW] - New models by JoeysLucky22:
      13. - (Soda) Long's Island Iced Tea (Clayton)
      14. - (Soda) Dr. Wasteland (Dr. wasteland)
      15. - (Soda) Mikhail Made Lemonade (-=PA=-Mikhail)
      16. - (Soda) LVG Root Beer (LVG)
      17. - (Soda) Mountain Green
      18. - (Soda) mZLY yZLY (mZLY)
      19. - (Soda) R4Z0R soda (R4Z0R)
      20. - (Soda) Smasht (Smasht)
      21. - (Beer) Rabbitman (Rabbitman)
      22. - (Can) Bad Guy's Ubiquitous Peaches (UbiquitousBadGuy)
      23. - (Can) Chef Boneboy Ravioli (Boneboys)
      24. - (Can) Curgon's Chicken Noodle Soup (Curgon)
      25. - (Can) Demon Groves Green Beans (DemonGroover)
      26. - (Can) FraggleOs (Fraggle)
      27. - (Can) Griff Black Beans (Griff)
      28. - (Can) Herpy Dooves Canned Muffins (DerpyHooves)
      29. - (Can) Orlok Mixed Fruit (orlok)
      30. - (Can) Powell's New England Clam Chowder (Powell)
      31. - (Can) Unlabeled Can
      32. - (Can) Tyler's Kidney Beans
      33. - (Can) Conrad's Whole Kernel Corn
      34. * [NEW] - New models by Elvaron:
      35. - New melee weapon: Machete - (Farm - Hunting)
      36. - New Food: Pack of pistachios
      37. - New Food: Pack of trail mix
      38. - New Food: MRE military rations (Military Loot)
      39. - New junk loot
      40. - Model for Compass instead of green pouch in loot pile
      41. - 2rnd shells for pellet and slugshot shotgun ammunition (no more 8 bullets shown on ground when it's actually 2 bullets)
      42. - New models and textures for FoodBaconRaw and FoodBaconCooked.
      43. - Model and textures for Quiver.
      44. * [UPDATED] - BoltsSteel replaced with WoodenArrows.
      45. * [UPDATED] - BAF_L85A2_RIS_Holo Removed from crash site's added to Military tables
      46. * [UPDATED] - loot weighted array generation fixed.
      47. * [UPDATED] - Updated logout system to check radius of zeds from 50 meters to 35 meters (30 sec count)
      48. * [UPDATED] - Player range on logout to 6 meters. (30 Sec count)
      49. * [UPDATED] - Max Range of targets 120 meters down from 300 meters. (this should help long range agro, This is zeds max target range).
      50. * [UPDATED] - AI behavior updated to try making them zigzag less.
      51. * [UPDATED] - Added push bikes to the zeds pull from vehilce list.
      52. * [UPDATED] - Epeen key moved to Custom Controls - Use action key 20 (No default key needs setting up)
      53. * [UPDATED] - Zeds Targets array modified
      54. * [UPDATED] - Weapon fire sounds divided by 2 (This will help us settle zeds hearing a little more) (107_DZ Zed pull range 450 meters / 2 = 225 meters (capped 120 meters aboue for now))
      55. * [UPDATED] - Max local zeds per client now fixed at 40 zeds, Global at 40 +10 foreach player within 400 meters and total 500 zeds max.
      56. * [UPDATED] - Added some Czech language
      57. * [UPDATED] - Updated zed attraction to dead players from 50 meters to 20 meters.
      58. * [UPDATED] - Players will now drop empty cans after consumption to nearest lootpile or creates new one.
      59. * [UPDATED] - Updated Infection to cough, shake camera and loose blood.
      60. * [UPDATED] - Updated russian string tables.
      61. * [UPDATED] - Backpack Spawns should now see higher grade backpacks more.
      62. * [UPDATED] - Deer stands has it's own loot table (Hunting).
      63. * [UPDATED] - Reduced Zed Running Speed.
      64. * [FIXED] - Zeds talk, lowed to 80 meters down from 200 meters this will stop any zeds targeting for sight/noise outside of this radius
      65. * [FIXED] - CookedBeef StringTables now added.
      66. * [FIXED] - Spanish, French StringTables updated.
      67. * [FIXED] - logout timers updated from sleep 3 to sleep 1 this should now fix long logout timers.
      68. * [FIXED] - Zeds should no longer walk though all objects. (Some objects can still be walked thought)
      69. * [FIXED] - Updated refuel to attract zeds. (3-6 Meters)
      70. * [FIXED] - EH's updated to work with Battleye filters.
      71. * [FIXED] - Ammo counts now fixed on dc.
      72. * [FIXED] - Zeds will no longer magically hit players just because they're within 3 meters. ( Zeds can no longer dmg without running the attack animations. (running into zeds will no longer dmg the player))
      73. * [FIXED] - Fixed some base class's for vehicles reporting issues with crew
      74. * [FIXED] - You can now logout with a broke leg.
      75. * [FIXED] - Temperature icon should not disappear anymore.
      76. * [FIXED] - Humanity should now work increase again.
      77. * [FIXED] - Chemlights and flares now work again.
      78. * [FIXED] - time is now set on startup.
      79. * [FIXED] - Hatchet and crowbar don't require reload anymore.
      80. * [FIXED] - Hatchet and crowbar no longer overwrite each other.
      81. * [FIXED] - Exploit when converting Mags into other mags (Example - DMR to M24 then back)
      82. * [FIXED] - Blood particles not shown for player.
      83. * [FIXED] - Hide body animation not shown for player.
      84. Combat Roll
      85. * [Fixed] - No longer possible to combat roll with broken leg
      86. * [Fixed] - Added 4 sec delay to multiple rolls.
      87. * [Fixed] - No longer possible to combat roll over player created objects (tents, sandbags so on)
      88. * [Fixed] - No longer combat roll in buildings.
      89. * [REMOVED] - Chase combat logging systems removed. (Removed due to ealry warning of agro)
      90. * [REMOVED] - Debriefing window has started to be cleaned up. (blank box on dc)
      91. * [REMOVED] - BearTrap Due to issues with the trap still staying active after removal.
      92. * [REMOVED] - DZ_Patrol_Pack_EP1 Due to us no longer planing to remove backpacks from new spawns.
      93. * [REMOVED] - All chance based systems for sight and sound from zeds they will now only agro if in view or your making noise. Should allow more freedom to move.
      94. Known Bugs:
      95. Zombies attacking through objects.

      Krieg ist Frieden. Freiheit ist Sklaverei. Unwissenheit ist Stärke.
      ich hab dann mal noch auf geupdatet


      1. * [UPDATED] - Fixed version issues.
      2. * [UPDATED] - Updated Spanish String Tables
      3. * [UPDATED] - Force save updated.
      4. * [REMOVED] - New models by JoeysLucky22:
      5. - (Soda) Long's Island Iced Tea (Clayton)
      6. - (Soda) Dr. Wasteland (Dr. wasteland)
      7. - (Soda) Mikhail Made Lemonade (-=PA=-Mikhail)
      8. - (Soda) LVG Root Beer (LVG)
      9. - (Soda) Mountain Green
      10. - (Soda) mZLY yZLY (mZLY)
      11. - (Soda) R4Z0R soda (R4Z0R)
      12. - (Soda) Smasht (Smasht)
      13. - (Beer) Rabbitman (Rabbitman)
      14. - (Can) Bad Guy's Ubiquitous Peaches (UbiquitousBadGuy)
      15. - (Can) Chef Boneboy Ravioli (Boneboys)
      16. - (Can) Curgon's Chicken Noodle Soup (Curgon)
      17. - (Can) Demon Groves Green Beans (DemonGroover)
      18. - (Can) FraggleOs (Fraggle)
      19. - (Can) Griff Black Beans (Griff)
      20. - (Can) Herpy Dooves Canned Muffins (DerpyHooves)
      21. - (Can) Orlok Mixed Fruit (orlok)
      22. - (Can) Powell's New England Clam Chowder (Powell)
      23. - (Can) Tyler's Kidney Beans
      24. - (Can) Conrad's Whole Kernel Corn

      Krieg ist Frieden. Freiheit ist Sklaverei. Unwissenheit ist Stärke.
      ich hab dann mal auch den lingor server geupdatet

      leider hats dabei die datenbank zerschossen :S

      und es läuft jetzt nen anderer private hive

      sowie ne andere lingor version .... im dayz commander müsst ihr jetzt DAYZ LINGOR (SKARONATOR.COM) 2.1 installieren

      Krieg ist Frieden. Freiheit ist Sklaverei. Unwissenheit ist Stärke.
      der lingor server läuft jetzt auf 2.3

      und der offizielle auf 1.7.7

      * [NEW] - Removed annoying "re-arm" option from actions menu.
      * [NEW] - Models and textures for mutton.
      * [NEW] - Separate meat for goats, same blood regen as mutton.
      * [NEW] - Can now combine magazines.
      * [NEW] - Added new loot & loot table for church.
      * [NEW] - Added new food and drink items (only found in supermarkets).
      * [NEW] - Added model for a dropped map and watch.
      * [NEW] - Weapon MakarovSD (Military and Military Special).
      * [NEW] - Weapon RPK_74 (Mi8 Helicrash).
      * [NEW] - Vehicle damage displayed in percent (With a Toolbox).
      * [NEW] - 5L Fuel can takes 1 inv slot.
      * [NEW] - Added auth retry system to make sure clients are auth'ed before they spawn (should stop seagull issue).
      * [NEW] - Added force end mission for players joining with wrong version/failed auth. (Will replace timeout later).
      * [NEW] - Mi8 crash site model.
      * [NEW] - 2 New background tracks.
      * [NEW] - 6 New "Viral" zeds - They are harder to kill, they do more damage, and they have a higher chance of causing an infection... be afraid. (Headshot will kill in one shot)
      * [NEW] - Added optional watermark for servername (Server admins can choose to enable/disable. (See Mission prerequisites)). Shows servername in the bottom right of screen max 6 letters.
      * [NEW] - Remote exec security. Should prevent all major RE exploits
      * [NEW] - Clear Ground around loot at crash sites added but disabled by default, server admins can enable. Adds a small circle around each loot pile
      * [NEW] - Vehicles and tents now report free gear slots. Example: Old Camping Tent (weapons/others/backpacks).
      * [NEW] - Weapons spawns now have a chance to spawn with 0 mags up to a max of 2.
      * [NEW] - Melee weapons can now be dropped and picked up using the normal a2 system. (This means you can now store in backpack and tents, without swapping to toolbelt) No need to take itemslots.
      * [NEW] - New starting gear added. Guaranteed Start Items: ("ItemBandage","HandRoadFlare") + 1 RandomStartItem: ("ItemBandage","ItemPainkiller").
      * [NEW] - Servers date has been locked to give full moon nights.
      * [NEW] - Zeds hitting through Walls/Buildings should now be fixed.
      * [NEW] - Mainmenu Intro.
      * [NEW] - 2 new stash sites. (tools required = Etool or Shovel. Items required = 1 sandbog for small, 2 sandbags for medium)
      Small Stash = 12 object slots, 0 Weapon, 0 bags.
      Medium Stash = 25 object slots, 1 Weapon, 0 bags.
      * [NEW] - Infected survivor camps. Three types (small).
      * [NEW] - FPS Monitor this will dynamicly change how/total amount of zeds/loot/trash is spawning to keep the players base fps up.
      * [NEW] - 1 New Melee weapon.(BaseBallBat)
      * [NEW] - Wild Spawning of zeds has been redone and readded.
      * [NEW] - Zed Spawning fully updated to spawn outside the players field of view. (Excludes Infected camps, due to trigger zones being tested).
      * [NEW] - Zeds can now tackle players to the ground when attacked.
      * [NEW] - Epeen UI has now been updated with the temp journal base (looks better then a hint).
      * [NEW] - All blood gained from food is now added into a regenreation pool that players will regenerate over time
      * [NEW] - All food types now have a diminishing effect so the more you try and eat at once, the less blood you will get in return.
      * [NEW] - Blood UI updated to indicate the player's blood loss / gain rate and will also indicate when you're sick (infected).
      * [NEW] - Bloodbags will no longer transfer 12000 blood instantly, it's now done over 12 seconds (1000 blood per second). If the medic breaks away from the transfusion animation or the recipient moves out of range, the transfer stops and the remaining amount is lost along with the bloodbag in use.

      * [FIXED] - Vehicle repair should now work correctly.
      * [FIXED] - Humanity skin change can now change during gameplay in all directions. (No longer have to die/logout to change from hero to normal to bandit and vice versa)
      * [FIXED] - StudyBody should now work. (Describing wounds accurately)
      * [FIXED] - Crashsite loot should now spawn correctly for all types of Crash models.
      * [FIXED] - Hero Skin teleport issue.
      * [FIXED] - BAF Bags so they don't set on fire. :) (no moaning it was a bug)
      * [FIXED] - Updated timeout timer from 40 secs to 3000 secs, Should allow lower end systems to keep up. (Something went wrong, please disconnect and try again!)
      * [FIXED] - Zeds spawning underground.
      * [FIXED] - Loot spawning underground.
      * [FIXED] - Melee weapons having no ammo on login/skin change. (Open close gear menu will always reset ammo count to 10000)
      * [FIXED] - Loot Spawns have now been fully resolved. Buildings are now tagged and will not spawn any new loot for 15 minutes.
      * [FIXED] - Loot Cleanup has now been fully resolved. Old loot piles will now be cleaned every 60 minutes and no players within 250 meters(WIP). (Server performance boost)
      * [FIXED] - Gear menu exploit to force respawn.
      * [FIXED] - Optimized some destruction effects for security and performance.
      * [FIXED] - Unconscious damage scale to only happen if hit by zeds. (reduces damage while unconscious)
      * [FIXED] - Dayz Date/Time public var will now end mission on failed attempt.
      * [FIXED] - Can no longer break legs by anything other than players/zeds/falling/getting out of moving vehicle.
      * [FIXED] - A lot of duping issues should now be resolved.
      * [FIXED] - Most wallhack exploits should now be resolved.
      * [FIXED] - No more 3x get up Animation loop when recovering from unconscious
      * [FIXED] - You can no longer get into vehicles while dragging players

      * [UPDATED] - Zed sight limited to 100 meters.
      * [UPDATED] - Updated rabbit to drop 2 raw food items. Lowered hp gain to Raw - 200 each / Cooked - 1000 each.
      * [UPDATED] - Updated chicken - hp gain. Raw - 200 each / Cooked - 1000 each.
      * [UPDATED] - Moved anti teleport system to mission. Server admins can choose to enable/disable. (See prerequisites)
      * [UPDATED] - ALL loot table weights have been updated.
      * [UPDATED] - ALL loot table weights have been rebalanced.
      * [UPDATED] - Updated Czech, German, Spanish, French and Russian stringtable.
      * [UPDATED] - Makarov and 1911 Pistol dmg updated.
      * [UPDATED] - CrashSite Loot should now represent each type of model more. (("MilitaryWEST","HeliCrashWEST") Two new crash site loot tables)
      * [UPDATED] - Re-added the "save" option to tents and vehicles. This is a fail-safe option, not required. (Due to a small amount of servers reporting issues with tents saving. With no info for us to recreate we re-added this option to save tents/vehicles)
      * [UPDATED] - Zed generate system. has now been fully rewrote should stop zeds spawning in view of players then being deleted.
      * [UPDATED] - Zeds overall dmg has been updated per hit/per zed (Old Type: Max possible dmg = body 600, Legs 100, Hands 50, Head 1200 New Type: Body 1200, Head 2400)
      * [UPDATED] - Bleed from zed attacks will now only happen if the initial dmg is above 0.7 or the zed gives a head shot. (should reduce the amount of bandages needed)
      * [UPDATED] - Zeds knocking players unconscious now has a 50/50 chance if damage multiplier is above > 0.8
      * [UPDATED] - When unconscious all damage is reduced to 50 blood for each hit zeds do no matter the part they hit. (Should allow some survivability)
      * [UPDATED] - Zeds sight and sound chance has been re-added so there is a chance they can ignore you.
      * [UPDATED] - Sight and sound rebalanced to make them a little more even from movement.
      * [UPDATED] - Call extension calls for vehicle damage.
      * [UPDATED] - Zeds will no longer spawn for air vehicles.
      * [UPDATED] - Hunters loot table adjusted with more weapons.
      * [UPDATED] - SQL files working on Linux.
      * [UPDATED] - Add crawl animation damage. Players will now take dmg from crawling zeds.
      * [UPDATED] - Updated zed speed to default.
      * [UPDATED] - Melee systems updated.
      * [UPDATED] - Old Bandit skin for male characters.
      * [UPDATED] - Lowered action sound for refuel from 10 meters to 5.
      * [UPDATED] - Lowered Direct comms action sound.
      * [UPDATED] - Vehicle damage syncs updated to reduce call extension spam.
      * [UPDATED] - Lowered Transfusion infection rate.
      * [UPDATED] - Quiver acts as a quiver, you now have to take an arrow out of the quiver.
      * [UPDATED] - You can now only have 1 useable quiver in your main inventory and unlimited in your backpack.
      * [UPDATED] - Melee range has been updated.
      * [UPDATED] - HMMWV Cargo updated. (10 weapons, 50 slots and 2 backpack)
      * [UPDATED] - AH6 & MH6 Cargo updated. (AH6 3 weapons, 30 slots and 2 backpacks) (MH6J 3 weapons, 20 slots and 3 backpacks)
      * [UPDATED] - Fire Places will no longer act as storage systems.
      * [UPDATED] - Fireplace can now only be lit once without adding new wood inside the fireplace.
      * [UPDATED] - Fireplace can no longer be picked up after lighting.
      * [UPDATED] - Vehicles speeds HMMWV, PBX and UAZ - Faster / ATV's - Slower
      * [UPDATED] - Tanktraps, sandbags and razor-wires won't spawn in buildings. Tents will always spawn in a safe place.
      * [UPDATED] - Up to +/-2000 Humanity gain/loss according to "humanKills" counter from killed character.
      * [UPDATED] - Refuel now locks the player in place for the time to fill.
      * [UPDATED] - More lootable buildings (Iron barn, car wrecks, several non enterable buildings...)
      * [UPDATED] - 3 Chopper crash sites spawn on server start + 2-3 infected Camps.
      * [UPDATED] - Sickness(Infection) can now cause death.

      * [REMOVED] - M107 and AS50(Banned) from all loot tables and removed all damage from bullets so they do 0 damage even if spawned in.

      Krieg ist Frieden. Freiheit ist Sklaverei. Unwissenheit ist Stärke.
      Mittlerweile gibt es echt gute Mods zu DayZ die auch Spaß machen. Vorallem habe ich den Eindruck das es auch mit Cheatern langsam nachlässt, wahrscheinlich weil das Spiel nicht mehr unmengen an Leuten spielen.

      Namalsk, Origin oder auch DayZ+ sind wirklich nett gemacht, zumal man echt auch mal mehr Fahrzeuge oder Helis findet.

      ich hatte schon ne zeitlang auf dem lingor dayz epoch laufen ... aber da war dann noch weniger los ...

      und ich hab grad mal das update auf gemacht und lingor auf 2.3.1

      * [FIXED] - Crashsite loot spawn fixed.
      * [FIXED] - LOS should now reset correct.
      * [FIXED] - Updated Chopper Repair system to include hull and missiles.
      * [FIXED] - Blood transfusion should now work properly.
      * [FIXED] - Zeds can knock you unconscious again.
      * [FIXED] - Issue with built items not display properly over the network.
      * [FIXED] - Changing clothes while in a gear menu of a pile/vehicle/tent will no longer crash your game.
      * [FIXED] - Fixed duplication of mags via combining/converting and duplication of tents/built items.
      * [FIXED] - 100% damaged vehicles do not respawn anymore.
      * [FIXED] - Added check to make sure no one is within 30 meters of zed spawning.
      * [FIXED] - Fixed bandit detection for kills and humanity changes.
      * [FIXED] - Fixed an issue where you wouldn't be able to pick up any loot.
      * [FIXED] - Fixed an issue where bandaging an other player wouldn't bandage them.
      * [FIXED] - Added a range check to zed attacks, no more 5-10m hits. (We Hope)
      * [FIXED] - Fixed issue where your player's body would be deleted if aborting too quickly.
      * [FIXED] - Shadow LODs on soda cans.
      * [FIXED] - Zeds full scale damage reverted to 100% was 50% in .7.

      * [UPDATED] - Color saturation starts to fade out at blood level 9000
      * [UPDATED] - Rest to provide a 1% chance to cure infection (Can only be done once every 5 mins)
      * [UPDATED] - Zed will now attack again while prone with animation.
      * [UPDATED] - Updated tackle animations to an actual stumble/trip animation for back, left and right of player (holding a pistol remains unchanged). Players hit from the front will be stopped in their tracks.
      * [UPDATED] - Reported bike damage is divided by 10.
      * [UPDATED] - Much quicker login/loading.
      * [UPDATED] - More reliable loot spawns.
      * [UPDATED] - Infection rates are much lower (based on #zeds attacking you) viral zeds have 4x greater infection rates
      * [UPDATED] - player knockdown by zeds should be less common.
      * [UPDATED] - SUV has been unbanned and readded under SUV_DZ Server admins must update there database.
      * [UPDATED] - fishing_Boat speed update from 15 to 45.
      * [UPDATED] - SQL files for private database users Included all hitpoints and inventory systems.
      * [UPDATED] - Updated pMain to now include extra setting --execute="call pMain(serverinstance) example. --execute="call pMain(1) would spawn all vehicles for instance 1
      * [UPDATED] - Zed Target system updated to include movement speed changes. above 10m = full speed, above 2.2m and below 10m = Approach speed, below 2.2 = Attack speed.
      * [UPDATED] - Attack system updated to include LOS & Angle of attack checks as the animation is run to make sure player is only damaged/knockdown if they meet both conditions.
      * [UPDATED] - RoadBlocks/Trash should now spawn quicker based on the current speed of the player.

      Both removed so we can debug fps issues.

      * [REMOVED] - Wild Zeds while we try to debug issues with FPS.
      * [REMOVED] - Zeds will no longer spawn while in vehicles.

      Krieg ist Frieden. Freiheit ist Sklaverei. Unwissenheit ist Stärke.

      das mit dem lingor server zieht sich wohl noch

      das steht beim connecten nur noch "Waiting for server to start authentication"

      ich hab ihn schon komplett neu aufgesetzt ... mit frischer datenbank usw ... aber nix hat geholfen ... ich bin aber dran

      edit : ich hab den "fehler" gefunden ... der typ der das reality dayz private hive dings da macht hatte wohl heut morgen noch bei den lingor server files das ganze auf dayz 1.7.7 umgestellt ... ich habs jetzt mal mit zusammengerödelt und jetzt funktionierts wieder

      der lingor läuft dann damit auf der aktuellen 2.3.1 ;)

      Krieg ist Frieden. Freiheit ist Sklaverei. Unwissenheit ist Stärke.

      Dieser Beitrag wurde bereits 1 mal editiert, zuletzt von „Bjoern“ ()

      ich hab mal den dayz server auf version 1.8 geupdatet


      * [NEW] - New Player UI (Eat, Drink, Blood Icons, Sound/Sight icons).
      * [NEW] - Combat Mode System. (Disconnect in x secounds has been removed. Combat icon has been removed. Countdown is now on the abort button itself)
      * [NEW] - Completely reworked inventory design.
      * [NEW] - Spawn selection. (Balota, Berenzino, Cherno, Elektro, Kamenka, Solnichniy and Random) Server admins can choose to enable/disable. (Default: disabled)
      * [NEW] - You may now access another player's gear if they are unconscious.
      * [NEW] - Medbox1 and foodbox1 found at infected camps.
      * [NEW] - Medbox1 added to hospital.
      * [NEW] - Compass is now twice as big.
      * [NEW] - Now possible to siphon the fuel from vehicles.
      * [NEW] - Weapon - SVD (MilitarySpecial)
      * [NEW] - Backpacks have a new sound on opening.
      * [NEW] - Bear trap has been re-added to loot tables. (More information down in the Changelog)
      * [NEW] - Object orientation system for better placement (will allow more control on object placement tents, stash, camo nets, tanktraps, sandbags, wirefence)
      * [NEW] - Added item Camo net. (Helicrash, Military)
      * [NEW] - Camo nets will be removed within 24 hours of owners death.
      * [NEW] - New Loot locations (Land_a_stationhouse, Land_HouseV2_04_interier, Land_Mil_Barracks_i, Land_SS_hangar)
      * [NEW] - Logs Suspicious weapons, kills with local vehicles and one shoot kills.
      * [NEW] - Hold/carry functionality to gear.
      * [NEW] - Weapon switch 1, 2, 3 keys function as hotkey. (1 => rifle, 2 => pistol, 3 => melee)
      * [NEW] - Added plants model antihack.
      * [NEW] - Death screen function. (Player will be moved to lobby after a 5 second timeout.)
      * [NEW] - ShackTac Movement addons - This addon causes your weapon collision with the environment to be significantly toned down, meaning that you can now move sideways through doorways and generally find CQB to be enjoyable, versus feeling like a rusty robot trying to navigate a terrifying alien world called 'indoors'. Try it out and see, it's simple and very noticeable.
      * [NEW] - Crafting system implemented (All recipes must be discovered by crafting).
      * [NEW] - Sea Fishing has now been added. (Fishing only possible in the sea).
      * [NEW] - Simpler Server Settings for Server admins.
      * [NEW] - Ingame Map is now Clear (Unnecessary Arma Menu has been removed)
      * [NEW] - 1 new food item (cake), 1 New melee weapon, 6 New fish models, Many new crafting models.
      * [NEW] - Crafted Traps. (Tripwire (Flare), Tripwire (Smoke), Tripwire (Grenade), Bear Trap (Flare), Bear Trap (Smoke))
      * [NEW] - Crafted Medical items. (Makeshift Bandage)
      * [NEW] - Crafted Weapons. (Nailed Bat, Barbed Wire Bat)
      * [NEW] - New delayed infection called Sepsis is now active, based on blood percentage & damage done on all Zed attacks.
      Stage 1:
      The first 15 minutes
      You cannot pass the infection to others
      You do not take blood damage
      You have a warning blood icon to show infection

      Stage 2:
      15 minutes - 22.5 minutes
      You cannot pass the infection on
      You lose 1 blood per second
      You have the normal blood loss icon

      Stage 3:
      22.5 minutes to 30 minutes
      You cannot pass the infection to others
      You lose 2 blood per second
      Normal blood loss icon

      After 30 minutes you become fully infected, you can transmit the infection to others, you lose 3 blood per second and your screen will shake. On disconnect you will become infected.

      * [FIXED] - Bear Trap is now synced with the Server and won't disappear after server restart.
      * [FIXED] - Zed direction issue when under chase condition. (should stop them continually turning)
      * [FIXED] - Issue where you would get stuck after the tackle animation.
      * [FIXED] - Updated all zed movement systems to fall in line with the re-added LOS and Angle of attack checks. (This should improve zeds reaction times & make sure target is in hitting range)
      * [FIXED] - Small update to overall damage output.
      * [FIXED] - Major dupe, reconnect dupe and body dupe.
      * [FIXED] - DayZ Loading screen if people have ACR.
      * [FIXED] - Eating and drinking in vehicles.
      * [FIXED] - Infection will now be properly removed at tents after logout
      * [FIXED] - Dead body doesn't disappear any more if the player disconnected too fast.
      * [FIXED] - BattleFieldClearance antihack.
      * [FIXED] - Hospital wallhack.
      * [FIXED] - Antihack.
      * [FIXED] - Removed benches in the middle of the NWAF barracks entrance.
      * [FIXED] - Loot will now be more random within the weaponholders. (We wont allow two items of the same type in each pile)
      * [FIXED] - Medical actions performed in vehicles now work properly.
      * [FIXED] - BIS_Effects AirDestruction bug that sets the world on fire.
      * [FIXED] - Some 'No entry' Error's has been fixed.
      * [FIXED] - Refueling while swimming.
      * [FIXED] - Not being able to administer antibiotics to infected players.

      * [UPDATED] - DMR and SVD have been balanced. (lower fire rate)
      * [UPDATED] - Quick switch now has action menu swapping.
      * [UPDATED] - PV optimization. (should remove some unwanted traffic)
      * [UPDATED] - Czech, German, Spanish, French and Russian stringtable.
      * [UPDATED] - Missionfile is now much smaller.
      * [UPDATED] - Replaced combat roll with Shacktac Bunny Hop.
      * [UPDATED] - Removed attack call from FSM due to latency. Player who spawned the zed may not be the player the zed is attacking.
      * [UPDATED] - Security updates.
      * [UPDATED] - Updated hospital loot.
      * [UPDATED] - Increased angle of attack.
      * [UPDATED] - Removed all trash items from building loot tables and replaced with a generic table (better organisation)
      * [UPDATED] - Viral Workers have now been assigned home locations. (MilitarySpecial, Military,Industrial) (harder to spot)
      * [UPDATED] - Viral Villagers have now been assigned home locations. (Supermarket,Farm,Residential) (easy to spot)
      * [UPDATED] - Max smoke target range to 50.
      * [UPDATED] - Loot spawning radius increase from 120 to 125. (takes into account run speed from start to finish)
      * [UPDATED] - Humanity gain over time for bandits.
      * [UPDATED] - Auto continue when mission loads for first time.
      * [UPDATED] - Antiwallhack.
      * [UPDATED] - Land_Mil_Guardhouse Now spawn's a max of 3 zeds down from the default of 6
      * [UPDATED] - Players may now administer antibiotics to other players
      * [UPDATED] - Players may now switch seats while in a helicopter (back seat, gunner, pilot).
      * [UPDATED] - Removed some non SD mags from SD weapons, Removed some SD mags from non SD weapons.
      * [UPDATED] - Melee weapon damage updates (Machete > 15, Hatchet > 12,Crowbar > 10,Bat > 9,BatBarbed > 12, BatNailed > 12)
      * [UPDATED] - You must now press the gear button (Default "G") to open gear while in a vehicle

      * [REMOVED] - Vehicle damage spam log.
      * [REMOVED] - Collision system from tents, stash's, camo nets (Should allow storage system to be placed in better locations)
      * [REMOVED] - Difficulty system due to issues with official hive. (Official hive cant hold multiple difficulty levels)
      * [REMOVED] - Removed ArmA 2 squad command menu (0-9 or F1-F12)
      * [REMOVED] - Map markers for other players and empty vehicles (blue/orange/green dots & vehicles)

      Krieg ist Frieden. Freiheit ist Sklaverei. Unwissenheit ist Stärke.
      hab grad mal das update auf gemacht Changelog:

      * [FIXED] - Loot Spawning underground. Changelog: (Included for easy reference)

      * [FIXED] - Database cleanup has now been fixed and camo net added.
      * [FIXED] - Date sync has now bee fixed to provide night time again.
      * [FIXED] - SVD and SVD_CAMO firemodes now working as they should.
      * [FIXED] - Motocycle tt650 now has modified hitpart system should hopefully fix repair issues with it.
      * [FIXED] - Backpack sounds not playing for opening the backpack of other players.
      * [FIXED] - Building Delays Fixed. (Buildings will not only have 1 pass per the timer. Zeds 5 mins, Loot 15 mins) - Should provide FPS boost.
      * [FIXED] - Loot Bias system Fixed. (Limits the amount of Piles within a building every 15 mins) - Should lower overall loot spawned, Should provide FPS Boost
      * [FIXED] - Potential fix for the action menu issues.
      * [FIXED] - Fixed duping of meat while gutting animals and removing fuel/parts from a vehicle
      * [FIXED] - Remove gas, repair etc. options from incorrect object.
      * [FIXED] - Time sync on login
      * [FIXED] - Siphon Fuel mechanic
      * [FIXED] - Incorrect right click menu in gear if a melee object is on a player's back.
      * [FIXED] - Removed refuel option on destroyed vehicles and study body option on animals.
      * [FIXED] - Gutting animals works properly now
      * [FIXED] - Humanity system and kills displaying incorrect.
      * [FIXED] - Blood level is now synced direct to server every 10 secs. (No more sending to all players on server) Performance Boost.

      * [UPDATED] - Mechanic - Sepsis chance from "bleeding" raised from 1% to 30% (More like 3% once 10% bleeding effect is taken into account).
      * [UPDATED] - System - Zed Aggro on all Weapon fire now changed to a more dynamic system to allow the overall distance the shot was heard to changes the way and amount of zeds response. ((50 Meters and below = Run to location),( 50-71 = 50% chance they walk to location), (70 meters and up = walk to location))
      * [UPDATED] - System - Zed Damage output base scale lowered (from 300 Normal/400 Viral to 250 Normal/350 Viral)
      * [UPDATED] - PBX Boat speed reduced from 125 to 85.
      * [UPDATED] - Login time has now been reduced.

      Krieg ist Frieden. Freiheit ist Sklaverei. Unwissenheit ist Stärke.
      update auf Changelog:

      * [FIXED] - Loot system lockout timers updated. (Should correct 0 loot pile issues)
      * [FIXED] - Chop wood from any location. (You are no longer able to collect wood without being near a tree)
      * [FIXED] - Object locations on server start should spawn correct. (Potentially fixed issue with tents,camonets clipping into the ground)
      * [FIXED] - Moved gutting back to PV (this should correct gutting issues)

      Krieg ist Frieden. Freiheit ist Sklaverei. Unwissenheit ist Stärke.
      ich hab dann mal das update auf 1.8.1 gemacht


      * [NEW] - Mechanic - Nutrition system for all food types.

      * [NEW] - Mechanic - Hunger and Thirst is now based on the new nutrition system.

      * [NEW] - Mechanic - Salvage Parts from Vehicles (Players with a toolbox can now remove undamaged parts from vehicles in world)

      * [NEW] - Infectious Water Holes - Random water holes on the map are infected drinking from them will give you an instant infection. Identified by dead body's around water holes. (can be disabled by admins)

      * [NEW] - Base System - Generator has been added (Does not spawn, Not yet active).

      * [NEW] - Storage - Dome Tent has now been added.

      * [NEW] - Private SQL - Cleanup updated to move dead bodies(character_dead) to a new table before removal from main table(character_data).

      * [NEW] - 15 new models (feather,crafting).

      * [NEW] - Feathers added to Hens as you gut.

      * [NEW] - Destroy Tents with fire (matches & fuel tank needed).

      * [NEW] - Blood types/blood system

      -- You may now fill blood bags (filled blood bags only take 4k blood and give back 4k)

      -- incompatible blood transfusions will result in extended unconsciousness of the recipient.

      -- Ability to take/give blood from/to yourself.

      -- Blood types + Rh types are based off real world statistics

      * [NEW] - Blood testing kit (to determine blood type) and disposable transfusion kit.

      * [NEW] - Wild zeds re-added.

      * [NEW] - Blood trail system. Will allow players to track ppl bleeding.

      * [NEW] - Added 6 NEW POI's Thanks Musty Crew(AKA Bane). (enabled/disabled by admin)

      * [NEW] - New system for matches running out, 30% chance each time you use to drop your number of matches to 5 (foreach use after it will remove 1 match).

      * [NEW] - Hunting Knives new wear n tear system works in 5 stages. (IE start with knife random 30% chance to change to Knife5, This now gives 5 more uses before going blunt) Once blunt you yeld 50% of the meat you gather.

      * [NEW] - Making fires will now auto light.

      * [NEW] - Journal updated to provide a debug system. (Journal displays - spawn selection - forces full-moon nights.)

      * [NEW] - on death weapons on players back now drop to the ground

      * [NEW] - Blood will now regen over time based on player overall conditions. (>75% = 1.2, >50% = 0.6, >25% = 0.3).

      --- * [NEW] - Weapon attachments have been added (generic spawn - chance to spawn any place)

      -- M4A1 > M4A1_AIM

      -- M4A1_Aim > M4A1_Aim_CAMO

      -- M4A1_Aim_camo > M4A1_AIM_SD_camo

      -- m16a4 > m16a4_acg

      -- bizon > bizon_silenced

      -- Makarov > MakarovSD

      -- M9 > M9SD

      -- Crossbow > Crossbow_CCO + FL

      -- Crossbow > Crossbow_FL

      -- Crossbow > Crossbow_Scoped + FL

      * [NEW] - You can now drink from Water pumps using just your hands (150 thirst restored each use.) (action menu) (no infection chance)

      * [NEW] - You can now drink from ponds using empty tin's (300 thirst restored each use.) (Right Click Empty Tins)

      -- UNboiled Water drank from a canteen has a 30% chance of infection and restores full thirst.

      -- UNboiled Water Drank from a tincan has a 6% chance of infection and restores 300 thirst. (pond/Lake Only)

      -- UNboiled Water From you hand has a 3% chance of infection and restores 150 thirst. (pond/Lake Only)

      * [NEW] - Vehicle - Unbanned Pickup_PK_INS.

      * [NEW] - Vehicle - Unbanned Offroad_DSHKM_INS.

      * [NEW] - Added audio cue when you stumble across gathering plants. (15 meters) (cricket sounds will play) (Thanks facoptere).

      * [NEW] - Added the option to rip up clothes to make rags (these can be then made to bandages).

      * [NEW] - Added Humanitarian supply drops (no weapons).

      * [NEW] - You can now craft assault bags.

      * [NEW] - New Crafting recipes.

      * [NEW] - Function - random Location finder.

      * [NEW] - Tents & Stash sites can now be upgrade to increase storage.

      -- Small Stash site upgrades - +2 magazine slots per upgrade + 5 armor. Required parts is just etool and wood.

      -- Small stash sites upgrade to medium once upgraded to level 5.

      -- Medium stash sites can now be upgrade. Tools - Etool, Parts needed - Crate, Wood.

      --- 25 mags per level.

      --- Double weapon count per level.

      --- 25 armor.

      -- Dome tents now upgrade. Tools - Etool, Parts needed - Crate, Wood.

      --- 25 magz per level

      --- 5 weapons per level

      --- 1 backpack per level

      --- 10 armor each level

      * [NEW] - Achievement system - Thanks DeadActionMan(AKA Musty Crew)

      -- Current achievement list

      --- Time Waster

      --- High Flyer

      --- Grave Robber

      --- Shopaholic

      --- Top Shopper

      --- Sick Puppy

      --- White Collar Worker

      --- Fire Warden

      --- Slice Of Fried Gold

      --- Plane Spotter

      --- Trinkets of Deceit

      --- Litter Bug

      --- Cannibal

      --- Hunter Gatherer

      --- Firestarter

      --- Steady Aim

      --- Marksman

      --- Sniper

      --- Bunny Basher

      --- Clean Bill of Health

      --- Medic of the Apocalypse

      * [NEW] - Ghosting mechanic - Once logged out you can not log back in again for a number of seconds selected by the admin of the server- Enabled or disabled by the admin of the server.

      * [FIXED] - Infected Camps no longer repeatedly spawn infected.

      * [FIXED] - Infected Camps Loot updated to be more in line with crash sites.

      * [FIXED] - LOOT - Building locks have been moved to after the building has spawned loot. (hopefully this should allow the bias to sometimes fail but allow other pass's if no loot has spawned.

      * [FIXED] - You can no longer refuel a destroyed vehicle using a 5l fuel can.

      * [FIXED] - Humanity gain from blood transfusion moved to end of transfusion process. (Due to issues with skin change breaking the transfusion)

      * [FIXED] - Zeds will no longer target vehicles. If the player is targeted before entering a vehicle Zeds will continue to engage the player

      * [FIXED] - Carry slot, addToToolbelt/drop fixes.

      * [FIXED] - Ability to fly a helicopter with no main rotor on restart

      * [FIXED] - Antihack (again).

      * [FIXED] - Issues with zeds not spawning in some places due to spawn timer being too long

      * [FIXED] - Fixed issue with salvaging items from vehicles that don't have parts (ie middle wheels) Thanks Sven(Seven)

      * [FIXED] - Added limit system to secondaries explosions.

      * [FIXED] - Zeds will no longer target any air vehicle.(unless player was already aggro-ed), (no longer get fps drop from zed agro).

      * [FIXED] - Zeds should no longer move around when below 3 meters to player. (when being attacked)

      * [FIXED] - Tents/camonets can now be placed in bushes.

      * [FIXED] - Objects can now be placed in camonets. (ie Tent can be put under a camonet)

      * [FIXED] - Issue with objects being placed and killed during the same session now fixed. (objects now get removed from db when killed).

      * [FIXED] - Auto close gear menu on filling water bottles.

      * [UPDATED] - Character selection screen is now forced until a character is selected(Does not effect reality Servers, on new character).

      * [UPDATED] - Spawn selection screen is now forced until a spawn location is selected (if enabled).

      * [UPDATED] - Thirst and hunger updated to no longer be a instant fill on eating/drinking.

      * [UPDATED] - Melee weapons updated Range and shot count.

      * [UPDATED] - Full moon nights is now select-able by the server admins.

      * [UPDATED] - Salvage system updated to provide a chance some items like glass,engine and fuel can break during salvage

      * [UPDATED] MedBox0 has been removed and replaced with MedBox2.

      -- magazine = "ItemBandage";

      -- count = 3;

      -- magazine = "transfusionKit";

      -- count = 4;

      -- magazine = "ItemMorphine";

      -- count = 3;

      -- magazine = "bloodBagOPOS";

      -- count = 1;

      -- magazine = "bloodBagABPOS";

      -- count = 1;

      -- magazine = "bloodBagBPOS";

      -- count = 1;

      -- magazine = "bloodBagAPOS";

      -- count = 1;

      -- magazine = "bloodTester";

      -- count = 2;

      * [UPDATED] Foodbox0

      -- Removed magazine = "FoodCanFrankBeans", magazine = "FoodCanPasta"

      -- Added magazine = "ItemSodaGrapeDrink", magazine = "ItemSodaCoke"

      * [UPDATED] - Re-added Flies on dead body's.

      * [UPDATED] - Weather - FOG has been changed from max 0.5 to 0.8.

      * [UPDATED] - Updated infection chance cure while sleeping from 1% to 10%

      * [UPDATED] - Quiver updated to be used like a mag for the crossbow.

      * [UPDATED] - Loot spawns now only spawn one item.

      * [UPDATED] - Sight & sound for zeds updated to provide a much better sneak system.

      * [UPDATED] - When in build mode and trying to enter a vehicle you are no longer ejected, the build just cancels.

      * [UPDATED] - Surface sounds of roads. (no longer draws from 200 meters.)

      * [UPDATED] - Infected camps - now spawn loot in tents in place of on the ground.

      * [UPDATED] - Infected camps - Now spawn zeds like any normal building.

      * [UPDATED] - Infected camps - Can now be taken down when found (tents/camonets can be collected for later use).

      * [UPDATED] - Medbox1 changes - Removed: Old bloodbags X 2 added: Emtpybloodbags X 5

      * [UPDATED] - New temperature changes (to bring temperature into the game).

      * [UPDATED] - Motorcycle changes: TT650 speed increase from 120 to 180.

      * [UPDATED] - Increased Zed Sight from 100 to 200 meters.

      * [UPDATED] - Updated sight and sound for zeds

      -- Added chance based sight system (on seen depending on the range between you and the target there is a chance you will not be targeted).

      -- Sound updated to support a higher instant target sound from 60 to 80 (this is the amount of sound the player is making)

      -- Sound updated to support any sound below 80 and aboue 6 must be in the zeds line of sight before your targeted,

      -- Zeds FOV changed from 45 to 30. (this is the angle they can spot you on)

      * [UPDATED] - Inventory - Vehicle Fuel tank reduced to 2 inventory slots from 4.

      * [UPDATED] - Inventory - Wooden pile reduced from 2 inventory slots to 1.

      * [UPDATED] - Inventory - Rotor increased from 6 to 8 inventory slots.

      * [UPDATED] - Inventory - Engine increased to 10 inventory slots from 6.

      * [UPDATED] - Inventory - 20L Fuel tank & empty reduced to 2 inventory slots from 3.

      * [UPDATED] - Attack system on all zombies no longer an instant animation its been changed back to a smooth change to attack (makes the zombies slower to attack)

      * [UPDATED] - Chance of catching a fish has been updated to

      -- 5% chance standing.
      -- 30% chance while in a vehicle.
      -- 50% while raining.

      -- 65% in a vehicle and raining.

      * [UPDATED] - Medium Stash Sites can no longer be created from sandbags.

      * [UPDATED] - Loot Re-balance.

      * [UPDATED] - Re-balanced Zombies. (hp, Armor, speed, movement, animations)

      * [REMOVED] - Ammo in backpacks will no longer refill on player restart. (Removed due to side effects)

      * [REMOVED] - Blood gain from all canned food types now removed.

      * [REMOVED] - Loot bias has now been fully removed.

      * [REMOVED] - Server side grid system for loot.

      * [REMOVED] - Salute when trying to run with a object in view mode.

      Krieg ist Frieden. Freiheit ist Sklaverei. Unwissenheit ist Stärke.
      alles gute hat ein ende ;)

      nach genau 2 jahren dayz server hab ich den server gekündigt

      von uns spielt ja eh keiner mehr dayz und auch sonst ist da nicht mehr soo viel los

      im moment läuft der cs:go server auch noch auf der hardware aber für den werd ich hoffentlich noch n kleines heim auf ner linux büchse finden ... die windows version lief eh mehr schlecht als recht

      am 16.8. wird der server dann abgeschaltet

      es war ne schöne dayz zeit :D

      Krieg ist Frieden. Freiheit ist Sklaverei. Unwissenheit ist Stärke.